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GST Software Industry - Global Practices

Different countries follow different practice to tax transactions. For the sake of brevity only the following important points have been discussed hereunder:

European Union:

  • UK VAT law provides exemption to goods and services imported from other country into UK.
  • Normally there being a single tax of VAT, it helps avoiding the debate of goods vs. service and also multiple / double taxation on the same transaction.
  • Unrestrictive set off credit is another virtue prevailing in EU which can be brought into the Indian GST.
  • From 1.1.2010, EU is moving to a different place of supply rules and the country of consumption shall levy tax in most of the business to business transations.


  • Similar to India, Canada has federal tax system, whereby both central and States levy GST on similar transaction.
  • In Canada, different States levy tax at different rates.
  • Customised software, packaged software and software on licence basis are being recognized differently and being taxed accordingly.


  • In Australia GST is levied on goods being sold and services supplied
  • GST is leviable on almost all goods and services barring a few.
  • Simple definitions of goods and services are provided.


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